Our TECNOFENCE fencing is made of a material that is designed to last, even under the worst weather conditions.

Unlike wood or other products used for the same purpose, the animals will not bite the fencing.

TECNOFENCE has no sharp corners and, since it is flexible, can absorb shocks without breaking, thus preventing injuries for people and animals.

This material is also used for windows and doors, where the lasting colour and technical characteristics are necessary conditions for a quality product. The addition of UV-ray blockers also helps to prevent cracks and breakage and resist degradation and peeling while maintaining the original characteristics, even in extreme temperatures (–20°C to +70°C).

Mainly coloured white, they are also available in green by request.

Each fence can also be fitted with one or more sliding aluminium gates.

All our fencing is customized based on your area and shape requirements.

Product range

1-rail horse fence
Single-rail fencing is used to delimit exercise or competition areas that are not used regularly and it is not suitable for training. It can also be used to mark out an area of your home property
Height:125 cm
2-rail horse fence
Two-rail fencing is generally used to delimit exercise areas or create paddocks where the horses are supervised by personnel
Height:140 cm
3-rail horse fence
Three-rail fencing is used to delimit paddocks for animals that are left unattended for long periods during the day, or to mark out areas or property boundaries. An electrification system can be installed on the rails for greater safety
Height:165 cm
4-rail horse fence
Four-rail fencing is used to delimit paddocks for stallions, make round pens for taming and training, or create ovals for free jumping
Height:195 cm

Add ons

Movable feet
Movable feet can be installed on the fencing so it can be positioned and moved according to your needs
Height:30 cm

€35.00+ VAT

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