Horse exercisers

Horse exercisers

Why buy a Pessastudio horse exerciser

Walkers represent the strength of our company.

They were created through the research of Luciano Pessa with the intention of developing a simple and reliable tool that will allow you to train your horse even when you are unable to ride it.

The carousel will not only allow you to cool down your horse with a post-workout walk but also to create a proper training session by changing gaits and direction.

3,000 horse exercisers produced
Pessastudio has been chosen by over 3,000 clients worldwide for the construction of their horse execiser.
Wide products range
Different versions of our walkers may be purchased to suit every budget and need
No building permit needed
You will not need any building permit to install our horse walkers
Easy to use
Use our simple control panel to choose one of our ‘training programmes’ or manually select the desired speed

Product range

Our flagship model, the Tecnoexerciser, represents the most advanced tool in its field. The result of over 20 years of experience and studies, the Tecnoexerciser offers unparalleled professional performance, ensuring the highest quality and innovation.

For those seeking a more economical yet reliable solution, we offer the Ippowalker. This basic model is perfect for those who want a cost-effective option without compromising on safety and efficiency.

Whatever your needs, we are confident we have the right product for you and your horses.


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Discover more

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